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Egalitarianism at Kesher Zion

Kesher Zion has been an egalitarian congregation since 1984.  Women are counted in the minyan, may serve as baalat tefillah (prayer leaders), be called for an aliyah to the Torah, and read Torah or Haftorah.  Bar & Mat Mitzvah celebrants are all encouraged to lead as much of the service as possible and chant the Torah portion and Haftorah according to their capabilities. 

All men and boys are required to wear a kippah and Jewish men are expected to wear a tallit on Shabbat & holidays.  Women are not required to wear a kippah or tallit although they are encouraged to do so.  Women called to the bimah for an aliyah or serving as baalat tefillah are asked to wear a tallit.  Those who do not ascribe to a gender identity are free to choose what prayer adornments suit them best.

We try to use inclusive language when we pray.  The matriarchs are remembered along with the patriarchs during the Amidah prayer and we refer to HaShem neutrally when reading in English. 

In the past, we have had women serve us as our Rabbi.  Women have served as leaders on our board and committees.  We are completely open and welcoming to LGBTQIA members and families.

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