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Welcome to Kesher Zion

Kesher Zion Synagogue is a friendly congregation affiliated with the Conservative movement.  We welcome members

of all Jewish backgrounds and levels of observance.  Our goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere when we pray,

study Torah, celebrate holidays, share milestones, and perform good deeds.  We hope that you will find a home with our Kesher Zion family!


Kesher Zion relies on our members to support us financially, at a level where each family is comfortable.  You can find our dues policy here.  As noted, everyone is encouraged to join, regardless of ability to pay.  Please feel free to contact Elliott Leisawitz, our Dues Committee Chair at  


If you are thinking of joining, please visit for a service, class, or activity.  Look on our events page to see what’s

coming up!


We are sure you’ll find us to be a warm, diverse, and open community!


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