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Contributions to support our synagogue and Sisterhood are deeply appreciated.  Whenever you wish to remember friends and loved ones, in joy or sorrow, please think of the following funds.  An appropriate acknowledgment is sent.  Make your check payable to the appropriate fund and send it to the office.



    Kesher Zion Synagogue Fund:

    Synagogue General Fund – Minimum $6.00

    Windows of Kesher Zion Card – Minimum $ 10.00

    Dr. Robert N. Greenberg Scholar-in-Residence Program Fund:
    Minimum - $18.00


    Kiddush Fund:
    Contribute to the weekly Shabbat kiddush and your name will be listed in the Shabbat

    bulletin.  There will also be a framed acknowledgement at the kiddush.  Minimum - $36.00


    Torah Fund:

    Cards are available for all occasions.  Funds are used to support the Jewish Theological

    Seminary’s programs and scholarship fund.  Call Arlene Ehrlich at 610-373-6648 to have

    cards sent ($5.00 each).  (Please make checks payable to Kesher Zion Sisterhood.)


    Simcha Fund:

    Cards are available for all occasions.  Call Sylvia Wenger at 610-375-3422 to have cards sent

    ($1.50 each) or to purchase them for personal use ($1.00 each).  (Please make checks payable

    to Kesher Zion Sisterhood.)


Contributions to the Synagogue and the Sisterhood funds must be paid before cards are processed. 

Mail or bring your check with complete information to the synagogue office at:

    Kesher Zion Synagogue,

    555 Warwick Drive,

    Wyomissing, PA 19610

If you have an account or wish to start one, please contact the office at 610-374-1763.  Money should be added when the account gets low.  This will eliminate writing numerous checks.

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