Before He Was a Catcher or a Spy: Moe Berg's Year with the 1925 Reading Keys
Presented by Historian Brian Englehardt

Moe Berg played 15 years in the major leagues, mostly as a backup catcher. For those keeping score at home, Berg played in 663 games with five different teams. It was not from accomplishments on the field that  Berg’s notoriety arose. It was unusual enough that Berg was a professional ballplayer who graduated magna cum laude from Princeton fluent in ten languages (as well as a law degree from Columbia University).  It was Berg’s Jewish heritage which made him even more of a rarity in baseball, as there have been fewer major leaguers of Jewish heritage than those with Ivy League degrees.

Following Berg’s retirement from baseball, he engaged in espionage activity during World War II for the Office of Strategic Services, predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency. The latter events were dramatized in the film “The Catcher Was a Spy.” (Which also was a title of the most authoritative biography on Berg). Unique as Berg was in generally, bubbling below the surface were those elements of his behavior which would cause Casey Stengel to describe him as, “The strangest fellah who ever put on a uniform.”


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